Slow Market? Hmmm….

I wonder if I’m wearing rose colored glasses when analyzing the housing market here in Shelby County. Or maybe Shelby County is just a “rosy” place to live and own real estate. When talking with area Realtors, I keep hearing that “things are slow” and listings are not getting the traffic we came to expect this year. Maybe the increase in the supply of homes is creating an illusion of a slow market.

The Alabama Real Estate Research and Education Center has released some interesting stats. As of April, Alabama home sales were up 3.2 % over the previous year. At a national level, existing home sales fell 5.7 % in April over the past year. So, while Alabama’s housing market is still going strong, sales vary a lot from area to area. It does seem as if Shelby County is ignoring the predicted national housing slump … and that’s a good thing!


About David Black

Colleen and David Black love what they do, and that's helping people who want to buy or sell homes in the Birmingham and Shelby Co. area achieve their dreams...

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