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More Big Economic News for Shelby County

Yet another big shopping center is coming to Shelby County (and you can say you heard about it here first!). That’s part of what we learned when we spoke with Cam Ward, our area’s State Representative. Besides his work on the legislative level, Cam also works closely with the City of Alabaster to promote economic development.

State Rep. Cam Ward

We thought you would like to know the latest on what’s happening in our communtiy, and Cam is one of the best people to talk with.

Click the player below to listen to our conversation with Cam, or click here to download.

From news about the area’s economy to what’s happening with efforts to improve transportation (what Cam considers his biggest priority for Shelby County), check out our latest podcast, now on-line. And remember to Call on Colleen (at 205.356.5412) if you have any questions about buying or selling homes in Shelby county — the real estate market around here is hoppin’, too…

David Black