Monthly Archives: March 2007

Happily Ever After

Happy Day! I get to see a family move closer to their goal by closing on the sale of their first home today. They are moving to Louisiana to be closer to work and family. I know they are looking forward to this new chapter in their lives.

A few short weeks ago, Lorie (the seller) called me. She told me that they were ready to get on with their lives and wished their home would sell soon. Their house had been on the market for awhile and they were growing tired of making it available for showings.

Sometimes you need to be careful of what you ask for. The offer they received the following day was a good one and the purchaser wanted to close in just three weeks. Anxiety, panic, and other emotions emerged. I’m sure that day Shane and Lorie were feeling a bit overwhelmed. After all, they were planning to move out of state and hadn’t identified a home to purchase yet. What was an idea or a dream was rapidly turning into reality.

After some negotiation on closing and possession dates, the couple was off shopping for their new home. Upon their return, it was great to hear that the trip was successful and they were all set to purchase their new home. Listening to the details, I could detect excitement and anticipation in their voices.

We never really know what the outcome of selling a house will be. However, I’ve learned that, if you have faith, the pieces fall together like a well thought out plan. I love it when I hear people say “I’m so glad it ended up working out this way”. We all love a happy ending…


Agent Networking Pays Off!

We talked recently about real estate caravans, so we thought we’d show you one in action. Granted, this may look to some like just a social hour over coffee, and, to be perfectly honest, there is some socializing, and there is some coffee (okay, okay, sometimes there are even some doughnuts and other goodies), but there really is more to these meetings than meets the eye.

The group you see below is from the March 28th meeting of the Oak Mountain Real Estate Network, which gathers weekly in Pelham.


Charles Heaton, an agent with Keller Williams’ Hoover office, heads up this group. Attendance is open to all Realtors who work in the area.

At each meeting, agents get a chance to talk about their new and existing listings, Open Houses, and other real estate developments. It’s a great chance for an agent to boost visibility for his or her client’s home for sale, and the agents who show up here take advantage of that to the fullest. This is yet one more way Shelby county Realtors pull together to try and help their clients achieve successful sales!


March Madness

I know, March Madness typically refers to sports. Well, the fact that I’m not a sports enthusiast reminds me of something else: I’m mad that it’s March already, and time to organize all of our tax stuff from last year. Yep, tax season is that gray cloud that hangs over my head every March, as April 15th looms just weeks away. It seems we barely get out of the holiday season, and here we are into March Madness.

Of course, this time of year is also when real estate activity really picks up speed, making that gray cloud hover even closer. However, for the second year in a row, I’m pleased to say I didn’t procrastinate. Our tax organizer has been with our CPA for over a week now. What a great feeling it is!

Now back to what matters: Real estate!


For Sale By Owner?

Selling by owner? Which one of the For Sale By Owner web site services should you choose to place your home with? With so many different companies having popped up over that past couple of years, it’s difficult to remember them. They refuse to market their sites and the public is supposed to keep track of them somehow.

The Internet is a great tool, but if no one can find you, it’s not very effective. Today with so many properties available, marketing is key for getting a successful sale.