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Are Sellers Listening?

Can you say competition?As of mid July, more than 1200 homes were for sale in the Pelham, Helena and Alabaster areas. That’s a lot. And while it means great news for buyers, it also means that selling your home may require making sure your property stands out from the rest. So, what are the key strategies to follow in making that happen?


Correct pricing and appearance continue to be the most critical factors, followed closely by marketing. Realtors have a saying about what it means when a home for sale attracts little interest from buyers: “The market is talking to you.” The question a seller needs to ask then is, “Am I listening?” When the market ‘talks,’ it’s really posing three questions that control how and when a house will sell: Is your home in a good location? Is it in good condition? Is it priced correctly?

Appearance makes AND breaks home sales every day. A home that’s neat, clean and well maintained sends a positive message every time.

In a real estate market with a high inventory of homes for sale, marketing is critical. Sometimes, a sign in the yard just doesn’t cut it. It takes expertise to market effectively, and even today, in this do-it-yourself age, Realtors continue to be in high demand when it comes to achieving smooth, successful home sales–and that’s especially true when there’s lots of competition…


Home Inspections: Good Insurance!

If you’re buying a home, you want some assurance that there are no hidden surprises when it comes to faulty mechanical or electrical systems, or with the plumbing. When it comes to knowing what you’re getting before you buy, a good Home Inspection is your best protection.Think of a Home Inspection as an insurance policy. It’s your way of making sure that known or previously unknown problems are addressed before you’re obligated to buy.

Chris DatkaChris Datka with A Closer Look Inspection Service in Helena has been a full time inspector for seven years, servicing homes throughout Jefferson and Shelby counties.

Home inspections these days are not just for buyers. More and more sellers are hiring inspectors in an effort to help achieve smooth, successful sales.

Our latest netcast, featuring our conversation with Chris, is now on line. Chris shares insights into why Home Inspections are so important, how long they take and cost, and how they so frequently reveal conditions or situations home buyers and sellers would often never realize are even occurring. We think you’ll find Chris’ comments very informative.

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David and Colleen Black