Loan Ahead? Consider First Step and Step Up…

If you’re thinking of applying for a loan to buy a house here in Shelby County, it’s easier than ever to get confused, given the incredible variety of loans offered by banks, loan companies, credit unions and other groups. It’s also possible to completely overlook what could be the perfect loan program, which is all the more reason why you should have a knowledgeable lender helping you.

First Step and Step Up are two more loan programs you should know about. These are bond money loans offered by the State of Alabama, and have wound up helping many home buyers in our area. First Federal Mortgage Loan Officer KC Haririan, who joined us for our Netcast last month, is back with us again to talk about these two programs (he has plenty of experience with helping buyers apply for both).

We also discuss the current lending climate here in Shelby County, and what you’re about to hear may surprise you. With all the media attention devoted to the credit crunch, a lot of folks may be shying away, thinking they have no chance of qualifying for a loan. But as we learn from KC, that’s not always necessarily true.

Click the player just below to listen to our latest Netcast interview with KC–we hope you enjoy it, and that you find the information useful.

Colleen and David Black

About David Black

Colleen and David Black love what they do, and that's helping people who want to buy or sell homes in the Birmingham and Shelby Co. area achieve their dreams...

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