Struggling Shelby County Home Sales? Not!

If you’ve been taking in national news reports about the slumping world of real estate lately, here’s something that may come as a surprise. Housing sales in the Birmingham and Shelby county areas continue to be quite healthy–and that’s not just an opinion. It’s backed up by newly released numbers from the Birmingham Multiple Listing System.

As local MLS officials point out, there is no such thing as one national real estate market. Rather, all housing markets are local. While it’s true that housing sales for October, 2007, were 15% lower than the same month in 2006, that figure alone doesn’t tell the whole story. According to the MLS, October’s 2006 sales were the most ever. What’s more, MLS officials predict that 2007 will end up with around 17,500 sales total, which, if true, would make ’07 the second best year for sales.New Home

Average sales prices have climbed, too. The average for 2006 was $198,127, while–so far for 2007–the average sales price is $199,300.

So, the next time you hear about doom and gloom in real estate, remember one point: The Birmingham and Shelby Co. housing markets are not playing that game, and haven’t been.

Here’s hoping you’re having a super holiday season!


About David Black

Colleen and David Black love what they do, and that's helping people who want to buy or sell homes in the Birmingham and Shelby Co. area achieve their dreams...

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