Saying Goodbye to Mr. Underwood

Every community is unique, and that’s certainly true in Shelby County, Alabama. Thomas Grant Underwood, or simply Mr. Underwood, as most of his neighbors in Alabaster’s Lake Forest community called him, certainly helped make his neighborhood unique.

Thomas Grant UnderwoodSeated in his electric mobile scooter, Mr. Underwood, along with his poodle, Scooter, always riding in the basket, were a frequent sight along the streets of Lake Forest. The two would ride around the neighborhood, taking in the nice weather and stopping to visit with neighbors, catching up on the latest community news.

Scooter loved the excursions. From his years as a small puppy when he was swallowed up by the huge basket, to more recent times when he just about filled it beyond capacity, Mr. Underwood’s four-legged friend was always a constant travel companion.

Mr. Underwood, 83, passed away March 24, 2008. People living in Lake Forest will always carry fond memories of seeing Mr. Underwood and Scooter casually meandering the neighborhood, and stopping to chat. They were part of what make the place we call home so special.


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