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A Bright Star for Birmingham

If you’re moving to Birmingham from out of area, we’ll make one pledge right out of the starting gate if we wind up helping you with your purchase of a home.

We’ll tell you about The Bright Star.

Any restaurant that has been open for business for over 100 years continuously has to be doing something right.

Colleen and I visited The Bright Star last evening and, as usual, owner Jimmy Koikos was making the rounds to each table, checking to be sure that his customers are getting meals and service that will make them want to return.

I have been a customer there for decades.  We have never, ever been disappointed.

One of last night’s specials—grilled snapper with crabmeat—was Colleen’s choice.  I was able to sneak a bite or two and have to agree with her:  Jimmy and his team hit yet another one over the fence and out of the ballpark.

The Bright Star is open for lunch and dinner and takes reservations.

A visit to the Bright Star in Bessemer is a must...