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What Storms and Scams Cost Us

The roof over your head is getting more expensive to keep protected.

Insurance companies serving the greater Birmingham area say they are taking heavy financial losses from so called “pop up” thunderstorms, or small, isolated storms that are not part of larger weather systems. Many providers are raising the rates we have to pay because of them.

While storm losses are mounting, companies warn that scams run by unscrupulous businesses trying to capitalize on storm damage are costing homeowners huge sums of money, and sometimes, even their insurance coverage.

At the same time, companies are imposing stricter requirements for coverage, for both new and existing customers.

Creg Leggett, an Agent with Allstate Insurance Company in Pelham, says the new rules mean that some consumers applying for insurance may be denied coverage. And, Leggett says, some existing customers may wind up losing their protection.

If you’re a homeowner, the tighter requirements could also mean that you’ll get a visit from your company, even if you haven’t filed any damage claims.

We recently spoke with Creg to learn about the cost of severe storms and well as details about the tighter restrictions taking effect:

Want more information about the insurance changes affecting homeowners in the Birmingham and Shelby Co. area?

Creg Leggett can be reached at 205-621-0722, or click here to contact Creg by e-mail.