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Dave Jenks: Optimism For ’09 Home Sales Market

With all the economic uncertainty our nation has faced lately, lots of folks wonder what lies ahead for the real estate market.  Are things looking up in 2009?

National Real Estate Expert Dave Jenks

National Real Estate Expert Dave Jenks is a Vice President with Keller Williams Realty.

Dave Jenks, a best selling author and Vice President of Research and Development with Keller Williams Realty, thinks so.

We spoke with Dave last year (click here to listen to the 2008 interview) and just couldn’t get enough of his fascinating insight into the real estate market.  So … we tracked him down again to give us his assessment of how 2009 is unfolding and what he thinks lies ahead.

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We hope you enjoy our interview with Dave, and that you’ll find the information useful…

David and Colleen

Buy-Downs: Helping Buyer And Seller

So, you have to knock the price way, way down to get your home sold? Not always. While price is certainly important when it comes to getting your home sold, it’s not the only way to achieve a successful sale.

Ever heard of a buy-down? Lots of people have, but not everyone understands it. It’s not as complicated as you might think.

KC Haririan, First Federal Mortgage

KC Haririan, First Federal Mortgage

A buy-down could be the ticket to getting a home sold in a deal that’s better for the seller and the buyer.

K. C. Haririan, a Loan Officer with First Federal Mortgage in Birmingham, is here to explain how buy-downs work.

So, how is the Shelby Co. and Birmingham home market looking as we forge ahead into 2009? We’ll share our thoughts and observations–and we’ll see if Fisbo, our very spoiled five pound poodle, barks during our recording session.

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Fisbo,the wonder dog

Fisbo, the wonder dog

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