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One Part of Alabama Spring We Won’t Miss…

Yellow pine pollen covers everything in the Southeast during the early part of spring.

Yellow pine pollen, a Spring tradition in the Southeast, covers everything--including cars and even houses.

I have to confess that—as much as I love the beauty of spring—this is one part of nature’s show I could do without.

No, I actually do, in fact, keep my Explorer clean, but you’d never know that from looking at it right now. I’ve had it parked under a covered area, and even though that’s good enough to keep sun and rain off of it, well … pine pollen is another story.

I did make an interesting discovery about this obnoxious stuff. The reason we notice it is because it’s so heavy that it falls to the ground, as opposed to floating through the air, as other pollens do.

And therein lies a fact I didn’t know: Because pine pollen isn’t something we typically inhale, people generally don’t get allergies from it. So, if you’re sneezing and wheezing at the same time you see a lot of yellow pine pollen around, you might want to check pollen counts in the area—chances are, some of the other pollens that do trigger allergies are high in concentration.

And yes, if you’re trying to sell your home right now, keeping it clean and presentable means probably having to wash the exterior because of this stuff, too. Actually, come to think of it, you probably better not stand still outside too long—or you may wind up covered in a yellow layer, as well!