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HUD Home Sales Resume in Alabama

If you’ve thought about buying a HUD home (a foreclosure now owned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development), here’s news you’ll find interesting. The federal government has announced that it is returning HUD homes to the market for sale to the public, following a several months long suspension. HUD froze the program in Alabama following Hurricane Katrina so that housing could be kept available for storm victims.

Hooks Van Holm is the company that oversees the sale of HUD homes for the government in Alabama. You can see what areas in the state have HUD homes for sale at any given time by visiting the company’s website. HUD homes can sometimes represent a good opportunity to buy a home at below market cost.

Offers on HUD homes must be made through a Realtor. I have considerable experience in helping buyers purchase HUD homes here in the Shelby county area. HUD homes are typically offered first to buyers who plan to occupy them, but many times are sold to investors. Want more information? Give me a call at 356-5412 or e-mail me. Thanks!


Podcast #1 Now On Line!

I’m proud to announce that in addition to our BLOG, we are now creating monthly podcasts, focusing on real estate and related news in the Shelby county and Birmingham areas. Please give it a listen by clicking here to download, or clicking the player below to listen now. I hope you like it!

To subscribe our PodCast to iTunes or your favorite Podcast receiver, just add this URL:


Sam Jones’ Eye For Beauty

Sam Jones is of those people who sees a lot of beauty in nature and ordinary surroundings. And he uses that vision to work with his hands to create more beauty.

Sam is a homebuilder by trade and does home renovation, repair and basement build-outs for his main work, but I’d say he’s as much an artist, as well. Sam has a great eye for what helps make homes look attractive. And he really enjoys using that talent by helping homeowners landscape their yards in styles that complement the house’s architecture and appearance.

Sam Jones

Sam recently installed a stone wall that winds its way across our front yard, and it has made a world of difference in how our home appears. We even had someone stop by a few days ago and remark how nice the house looks. Here’s a look at some of Sam’s work:
Scarlet Oak rock wall
It’s not just a matter of laying a bunch of rocks down. Sam carefully arranges stones of various shape and size, sometimes moving them from place to place to get just the right look. The wall also provides a well defined barrier between our planting area and the yard itself that’s both functional and beautiful. Needless to say, someone with artistic talent like Sam’s can really help make your home look more attractive. And while that’s especially valuable if you’re planning to sell your home, it’s just as nice to enjoy even if you plan on staying put for a while. If you’re interested in having Sam take a look at your home with an eye toward making it prettier, give him a call at 369-5112.