Monthly Archives: January 2007

Wagon Masters?

For years, Realtors have banded together and traveled to their new listings in caravans in an effort to market their listings to other agents. This was considered a valuable tool, and it impressed the sellers. In fact, sellers began to expect a caravan of Realtors to show up at their home within a few days of their homes being listed. The leader, or coordinator, of the caravan was known as the “Wagon Master.” Why is this so? I ponder. Historically speaking, caravans originated in the Middle East to travel across the desert. They used camels instead of wagons.

Our new world version is known as Wagon Trains — conestogas and prairie schooners were used to travel. So, shouldn’t our real estate caravans be referred to as wagon trains? Or, perhaps our wagon masters should be called Master Camel Riders? It’s all a moot point now, of course.

In today’s world, most real estate “Caravans” meet at a local restaurant, with the agents sharing information about their new listings over breakfast. And, nowadays, the journey is mostly done on the information super highway. Even now, however, the leader of the group is still called “The Wagon Master”. Hmmmm…


Real Estate Appreciation Forecast to Rise 4.7%

Wish you had a crystal ball to tell what’s ahead for the Shelby county area real estate market in 2007? Unfortunately, we don’t have such prediction gadgets, but listening to people knowledgeable about the market is the next best thing.

Housing Predictor, an information service that forecasts market conditions across the country, has some very positive things to say about what’s most likely ahead for this area during 2007. Check out what Housing Predictor Editor Mike Colpitts has to say by clicking the player just below, or you can download the interview here. Enjoy!